Do NOT go budget when choosing a DJ!

DJ’s basically have control of half of your wedding, and if you have a bad one or one you don’t vibe with, your reception won’t be the one you want. A good DJ will control the pace and flow of your reception. He or she will know when to make announcements, when to schedule events, and how to keep everybody in the best state of mind possible.

It’s so much more than picking the right songs and putting a playlist together. I’ve been witness to some absolutely cringe-worthy introductions by DJ’s who have an innate fear of public speaking. I’ve seen equipment fail, I’ve seen botched first dances, and awkward cake cuttings.

My best advice to you is to pick a DJ you get along with. Call them and have a conversation. Then realize that these people do weddings literally every weekend. They know what works and what doesn’t, so don’t be too controlling. Ask them for advice on when to schedule reception events. Let them take the reigns for a while. Remember, you might have been to a few weddings, but they do this for a living.

The best DJ’s will always work in conjunction with your venue, your photographer, and your videographer. They are team players, and they are working to ensure you and your guests have a night they’ll always remember. You can find my recommendations for my favorite DJ’s below:

Main Event Entertainment - I normally don’t recommend companies, but literally every DJ I’ve ever worked with from Main Event has been money. I know the owner, Joey Dion personally and have worked with him on multiple occasions. Phenomenal DJ. Also if he’s not available, I highly recommend DJ Kibar (great DJ name).

Get Down Tonight - Like Main Event, every DJ from this group I’ve ever worked with has been fantastic. Owner Tommy Demers and DJ Jeremy Guilbo put on a great show and will make sure the party is hopping for as long as you want. 

I never get to recommend any of my photographer colleagues because video is normally the last thing people think about when planning their wedding. But I have met some absolutely brilliant photogs.

What people don’t realize about photographers is (like the DJ) how much they control the flow of the day. So the really important thing to consider when choosing one for you is to get to know them a little bit. The best ones can work a room, striking that perfect balance between keeping everyone loose but also on their toes enough to be ready to jump into frame. They basically thrive in chaotic situations. No matter how much planning you do, nothing will go 100% according to plan, and the best photographers can improvise and overcome any situation.

Pixel Perfect Weddings - Jeni Foster at Pixel Perfect Weddings is the absolute best and will always be my first recommendation. She’s a rock star, an absolute blast to work with, and all of her clients love having her around. Oh and her pictures are amazing too.

Check out this video I shot for her a few years ago.

Shawn Tomkinson - Another rock star. Shawn is fantastic to work with and really gets the vibe of weddings. She can take control or go with the flow. And like Jeni, she takes her job very seriously. You will not regret hiring Shawn to capture the best moments of your day!

Yeah, I’m going to recommend someone else. There’s only one of me and I’m not available all the time. The problem with wedding videographers is the market isn’t very saturated right now (unlike with photographers). Frankly you’ll find a lot of people offering crap for astronomical prices. I’m talking $5,000 for a five minute highlight reel. Even if you have Tiger Woods money, that is money you are throwing away because that videographer either A) Doesn’t know what he/she is doing and is setting a price to set a price or B) Is trying to take advantage of you.

Rebecca Curtis at Curtis Weddings is not one of those people! Her clients absolutely love her, and I’m a fan of her work as well. Her prices are reasonable and her work is very, very good.