Founded by award-winning videographer Adam Chick in 2016 after a successful career in broadcast journalism, NH ProShot has been taking the New Hampshire video scene by storm.


Whether you want a wedding video that will last the rest of your life, or a promo for your company that doesn’t feel like a commercial, NH ProShot can make it happen. Our prices are outstanding and our quality is unmatched.


Adam Chick

After graduating from the top 10 (at the time) broadcast journalism school Lyndon State College, Adam enjoyed a successful career in TV news as a writer, videographer, anchor, reporter, and producer. If it’s possible to put it on the screen, he knows how to do it. He travelled the country working in Michigan, New York, Texas, and Maine before branching out on his own and founding NH ProShot.

What Adam enjoys most about filming weddings is being able to interact with so many people who are experiencing one of the happiest days of their lives. It’s much different from TV news where, for the most part, if there’s a news crew around, someone is obviously having a bad day. Creating those videos and hearing from couples that they still watch Adam’s creations regularly - years later - gives him a thrill.

His journalism background also gives him a unique skillset when creating online content for businesses. He can create videos that don’t feel like advertisements, more like mini-documentaries that show what your business is and and what you’re all about.